Jahnke DJ8 Zwilling 7,5 X

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The Jahnke DJ8 Zwilling 7,5 X A pitch-black night. You are sitting on your raised hide and hear the sounds of a pack of wild boar. Yet you see nothing. It is moments like these that make our night vision devices such valuable companions. The groundbreaking technology can easily be explained: with our devices, you always have your personal ‘hog light’ with you.

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The Jahnke DJ-8 Twin 7,5X can be described an absolute king on the hunting ground. Because this device provides a viewing experience that you will not find anywhere else. For cost reasons, with binocular night vision devices it is normal to only use one image intensifier tube and to divide the image across two oculars using several prisms. Yet not only does this system mean a considerable loss in quality, but genuine three-dimensional vision is not naturally possible this way.

The Jahnke DJ-8 Twin 7,5X supplied by us is one of the very few devices on the market that works with two image intensifier tubes and is designed on the basis of two individual DJ-8 monoculars. Doing without prisms achieves an image quality that cannot be produced by binocular devices working with the single-tube system. At the same time, the uniquely three-dimensional and natural viewing experience enables distances to be correctly estimated at night. Together with the 2.7× magnification, it soon becomes clear why the DJ-8 Twin is the king on the hunting ground.

The basic version of the DJ-8 Twin weighs a mere 850 grams despite its dual design. And it shows that outstanding technology does not have to carry a lot of weight. Hunting is therefore made easier for you without weighing down your equipment.

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Marke Jahnke
Geschlecht Unisex
Artikelnummer Jahnke DJ8 Zwilling 7,5 X
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